Retreats and Meditation Groups

One Day Retreats

Come and spend a day away from the bustle of life.

The days are shorter and darker. This is an opportunity to travel within yourself, follow the pull towards the earth and touch the depths of emptiness that this time of year offers.

Many people do not feel that the busyness we get into at this time of year reflects what we most deeply want. Many of us want time to reflect and be quiet,

We will meditate, connect with and contemplate nature, develop our ability to hear our deeper rhythms; our need to rest, to go downwards and be still and quiet.

You are welcome to join us on these 2 winter retreats, designed for self-enquiry and mindful contemplation.

The group size will be up to 12 people. Open to all.

Forthcoming Dates:

23rd December 2023

Cost: £100

Sound Circle Meditation Groups

These meditations are intended for all levels of experience, so whether you struggle to meditate or you already have a regular practice, these guided meditations can help you expand further into awareness of yourself.

The meditations combine conscious breathing with making sound. You can explore how the vibrations created by sound connect you with your body, and what impact they have on your internal state.

We also use singing bowls to compliment the sound that we create, and we hold the space for you energetically so that you can meet any emotions that might arise from the experience.

The meditations are held on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm for 75 minutes at a private venue near Tesco's in Whitstable. This includes time for sharing.

Group size: up to 12 people. All welcome.

Forthcoming Dates:

Term 1: October 12th 2023

November 9th 2023

November 23rd 2023

December 7th 2023

Term 2: January 18th 2024

February 1st 2024

February 15th 2024

February 22nd 2024

Time: 7.30pm - 8.45pm

Cost: £12.50 per session. Booking essential

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